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Mork & Mindy
Welcome to the new Great Pyrenees Rescue Resources Utah Montana website!

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Sheba is guessed to be around 6 years old. She absolutely adores people and can’t get enough attention!  She’s good with other dogs who are submissive and give her space. She encountered kittens and paid them no attention. She also doesn't understand her size so small animals should steer clear.  She is a certified fence jumper! She can clear a 6' vinyl fence! What an athlete, this girl is! Not to worry, she can easily be walked on a leash or put out on a zipline as long as she isn't left alone. She is a good girl in the home alone if you need to run errands! She has been bounced around from home to home and in and out of shelters where she shuts down. We found her a temporary foster with moments left to get her safe and now she desperately needs a forever family! This girl can't seem to catch a break and she needs her very own HERO! Are you going to be that HERO for her?    
Maxwell is new to GPRRUM. He was just pulled from the shelter where he’d spent 6 months! Way too long!  He’s happy to be in a wonderful foster home with other dogs and kiddos!! This boy is a total sweetheart!  Maxwell loves to be in the middle of things getting all the attention he can.  This boy will be ready for his new family once he’s neutered.       
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We Are Open! -- Wednesday May 31st, 2023
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